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Frequently Asked


What materials are included in a Pinnacle Structures, Inc. building?

     The purchase of a building from Pinnacle Structures, Inc. includes the primary & secondary structure, the panels and trim, and the necessary hardware and accessories to erect the building. Also included are the necessary drawings that you will need for anchor bolt placement and erection.

How do I buy a Pinnacle Structures, Inc. building?

     Call us at 1-800-201-1534 and one of our qualified service representatives would be happy to give you a quote and answer any questions that you may have.

What size buildings does Pinnacle Structures, Inc. manufacture?

     Pinnacle Structures, Inc. buildings can vary in size from a small backyard shop to a large, multi-span warehouse or even a complex shopping center, school, church, etc.

What will the lead-time be on my building?

     Pinnacle's lead-times are among the best in the industry!  Lead-times vary depending on the complexity of the building.  Talk with one of our estimators to see how quickly your quality building can be designed and delivered!  

     Want it even faster?  Choose a design from our Express Buildings page!

Does Pinnacle Structures, Inc. erect their buildings?

     We will be glad to share a list of our most loyal contractors upon request.  Pinnacle Structures, Inc. does not contract erection work. 

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